The diverse five + 1
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THE “FÜNF UNGLEICHEN e. V.” [association of the diverse five]

… is an association between five museums in southern Saxony-Anhalt linking the Castle and Fort Allstedt, Castle Neuenburg in Freyburg (Unstrut), the Cultural History Museum Castle Merseburg, the Film Castle Querfurt and the Museum Castle Neu-Augustusburg in Weißenfels. The appearance and history of the various castle and fort complexes are very different from one another which explains the name of the association. There are however a number of similarities, for example the underlying responsibility to retain evidence of the past. What is more, common chapters in history and historical links between these locations provide wonderful opportunities for joint projects.
In 2007, the association focused on the theme “Baroque ducal residences on the rivers Saale, Unstrut and Elster” in cooperation with the Museum Castle Moritzburg in Zeitz. For the first time, the Saxon royal houses of Saxony-Weißenfels, Saxony-Merseburg and Saxony-Zeitz were placed in the limelight in a series of exhibitions with an accompanying academic appraisal in an extensive volume of essays and catalogues.
The association of museums’ latest project is “Faith, locations and evidence”, once again demonstrating both the diversity and common historical significance of all locations. They all possess a unique authenticity and combine to produce a genuine “Green Vault”* in the cultural landscape.

* Reference to the extensive historical museum of the same name in Dresden.


The diverse five + 1

Castle and fortress
Neuenburg Merseburg Querfurt Weißenfels Moritzburg